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Interchange Newsletter

Winter 2020

Vol. 2, No. 1

Message from the Director

This month, I would like to use my forum to talk to you about the 2020 census. April 1st is Census Day. By this date, every home will have received an invitation to participate in the 2020 census. Once the invitation arrives, you should respond for your home in one of three ways: online, by phone, or by mail. Also in April, census takers will begin visiting people living in senior centers, college students who live on campus, and others who live among large groups of people.

Your participation is important. The census influences all facets of life. The results of the census affect how many representatives will represent your state in Congress. It also affects the allocation of federal and state tax dollars to your local community. Lastly, the U.S. Constitution mandates it. I’m asking all of our patrons to please participate in the census and make sure that you are counted. For more information visit the census website, or call 800-923-8282.

I would also like to take this time to mention that two of our locally produced publications will be discontinued. The November-December issue of the Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness will be the last issue that the Talking Book and Braille Service (TBBS) will record. It pains me to quit recording this valuable publication, however, the time it took to record this publication compared to the number of patrons that it circulated to was disproportionate compared to other magazines. In addition, NCB News, the Nebraska Center for the Book newsletter, which circulated three times per year, is moving from a print newsletter to an online news blog. In lieu of this, TBBS will discontinue recording this publication. Nevertheless, those of you still interested in the Nebraska Center for the Book, you can visit to keep up to date on the latest Center for the Book news.

Lastly, for those of you that subscribe to the Unicameral Update, we will only be recording the Legislative Year in Review issue, for all other issues please go to

Until next time…

Gabe Kramer, Director, Nebraska Library Commission Talking Book and Braille Service.

Machine Inventory Letters

It’s that time of year again. Those of you that have an NLS talking book player will be receiving a letter from the Talking Book and Braille Service asking you to verify your machine serial number. There are two ways you can do this, once you receive your letter:

  1. Call your readers advisor and verify your serial number with them.
  2. Write your serial number on the form and send it back to us.
The serial number will be located above the power cord or you can press the crescent or half-moon shaped button on your machine 10 times and the machine will tell you its serial number.

Notes to TBBS

Please remember, that if you send notes with your returned books and magazines, please remember to include your name. We can’t make changes to your account, such as address changes and new books that you would like to order without you including your name.

Recently Books Recorded from Our Studios

DBC00762 The Calamities of Kalamity Kate: A History of Nebraska’s Children’s TV Shows by Leta Powell Drake. From 1967 to 1982, Leta Powell Drake hosted "Cartoon Corral," a Nebraska children's television program that aired on KOLN/KGIN-TV. The author chronicles her tenure as Kalamity Kate and provides an insider perspective on the history of children's television in Nebraska.

DBC00765 A Claim of Her Own by Stephanie Grace Whitson. 1876. Mattie escapes from an unhappy mob in a gambling saloon and from its abusive owner in order to find her brother, a young gold miner in Deadwood. When she learns that her brother has died, she decides to work his claim rather than sell it. Even as she learns to pan for gold, she also has to learn to trust others, including a young street preacher whom she fears has something to hide.

DBC01893 Gigi’s Special Eyes by Gwynn Olson. The author, Gwynn Olson has written a children's picture book, based on her daughter, who has had to wear contacts for most of her life. The book details how to properly insert your contacts and shows that a child can live a full, healthy life while wearing contacts. Includes helpful information for parents, written by an MD. For grades K-3.

New Books to BARD

DBC00757 Ordinary Genius by Thomas Fox Averill and Ron Hansen. Short stories about ordinary folks in Kansas who find mystery, magic, and transcendence in mundane life. Written by O. Henry Award-winning author, who is writer-in-residence and professor of English at Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas. 2002. Some strong language.

DBC00758 Backstage: Stories from My Life in Public Television by Ron Hull. Born to unwed parents but adopted by a loving couple in Rapid City, Hull went on to a distinguished, six-decade-long career in television. He worked with show-business celebrities and befriended famous Nebraskans such as Mari Sandoz and John Neihardt; brought television to war-torn Vietnam; and initiated the American Experience series for the Corporation of Public Broadcasting.

DBC00759 Seldom Seen: A Journey in the Great Plains by Patrick Dobson. In 1994, Patrick Dobson felt trapped and lost in a stupefying job with child support and other pressing obligations. He remembered fondly his childhood camping trips into the Great Plains and the sense of freedom they gave him. A year later, he set out to walk from Missouri to Montana, including a traverse from southeast Nebraska to the Wyoming border. His encounters included numerous individuals who “needed someone to listen to them as much as I needed someone to listen to me.” Some strong language.

DBC00761 Talent and the Secret Life of Teams by Terry Pettit. Former University of Nebraska volleyball coach led his team to twenty-one conference championships and an NCAA National Championship. He now mentors coaches and leaders throughout the nation on team building, leadership development, and nurturing talent.

DBC01897 Roy Bean: Law West of the Pecos by C. L. Sonnichsen. Biography of the most scandalous of frontier justices of the peace--a seedy fellow who lived by his wits and handed down some weird decisions. Some strong language.

DBC01899 Lake McConaughy: A Geographic Portrait by Robert Richter. Lake McConaughy, the largest reservoir in Nebraska, was formed following the completion of Kingsley Dam in 1941. At full capacity, this man-made lake is 22 miles long, and up to 4 miles wide and 142 feet deep. Constructed to store water for irrigation, this huge reservoir is also a magnet for outdoorsmen who congregate on white-sand beaches along its 76 miles of shoreline.

DBC01900 Images of America: Norfolk, Nebraska by Sheryl Schmeckpeper. Founded in 1866 by German immigrants, Norfolk, Nebraska grew up along the banks of the North Fork of the Elkhorn River. Today the city is the jewel of northeast Nebraska and the state's third largest retail area. The history of the community traces its growth from a Native American campground to a bustling city.

DBC01902 Outside Valentine by Liza Ward. In the 1950s, Charles Starkweather, accompanied by his girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate, terrorized Nebraska and Wyoming through a spree of eleven murders. In this novel, three voices tell how that shocking violence left an indelible mark on three generations. The first voice, belonging to Fugate, tells how she was consumed by love and craziness. The second voice belongs to a girl of similar age who is enthralled by accounts of the tragedy. Finally, the third voice belongs to a grown man who was suddenly orphaned while in prep school by the Starkweather killings.

DBC01903 Standing Bear of the Ponca by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve. In order to bury his son, Standing Bear led his displaced people from Indian Territory back to their ancestral homeland in Nebraska, only to be arrested by the U.S. government. In a historic trial, Standing Bear argued successfully that he is a person with rights like any other American. For grades 4-7.

DBC01904 The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl by Timothy Egan. Horrific account of life on the western Great Plains during the darkest years of the Depression, when drought and windstorms produced blinding black blizzards, crop failure, and even death. Based on interviews with survivors, diaries, and newspaper accounts, this book chronicles the dust bowl years of the 1930s that terrorized communities and the determination of those who stayed.

Magazines Recorded in Our Studios

Nebraska History, the quarterly, flagship publication of History Nebraska features long-form articles and essays covering various topics about history in Nebraska. Be sure to also subscribe to History Nebraska Newsletter, which is History Nebraska’s monthly newsletter.

Living Well, Aging Partner’s quarterly publication with articles covering the advocacy of older people in Lincoln and surrounding areas. Other topics include the enhancement of daily life, expanding personal choices, and education.

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